Frequently Asked Questions

MyTime Rewards is a program that rewards Break Time customers for shopping with us. Customers can earn points for dollars spent and gallons purchased. They are also rewarded for the number of times they visit. The more monthly visits, the bigger the rewards!

Visit any Break Time location and tell the associate that you would like to join MyTime Rewards. Once you have the card, you will want to visit to register it.

Visit click on the “Register my Card” button and follow the directions. Make sure to check the box that says “I am not a robot”.

There is no cost to join the MyTime Rewards program.

Once you have earned a fuel reward, your fuel discount will be credited to your account. This fuel discount will be automatically applied whenever you purchase fuel and use your MyTime Rewards card. When paying at the pump, you will see the price per gallon change right there at the pump.

The introductory 10-cent fuel discount is valid for 30 days after you register your MyTime Rewards card. After it expires, you must get at least 4 visits per month to Break Time to earn a fuel discount.

Membership levels are another way to earn with MyTime Rewards. The more you visit, the more you earn. MyTime Rewards has 4 membership levels. Upon registration, you will be automatically enrolled in “Start Time” level. When you visit us 4 times in a month, you will automatically move up to “Play Time”. See details for all four levels at the top of page.

You must spend at least $1 before taxes (excluding fuel, lottery, gift cards) OR purchase 1 gallon of fuel to constitute a visit. Consecutive transactions DO NOT count as multiple visits. A significant number of minutes between transactions is required for multiple visits to be awarded.

Visit counts are reset to “0” on the 1st of each month. You must “re-qualify” each month to maintain your current membership level.

Example: During April, I visited 10 times and achieved “All Time” status. On May 1st, my visit count is reset to “0” and I must visit 10 times during May to maintain “All Time” status. If I only visit 8 times during May, on June 1st I will drop down to “Play Time” status.

No. When going up a level, it will happen immediately upon reaching that visit count. It is only when you are moving down a level that it occurs on the 1st of the month.

Visit any Break Time location and swipe your card or enter your registered phone number before paying.  You will earn 20 points for every dollar you spend (before tax) and 10 points for every gallon of fuel you purchase.

Yes. You will not earn points for gift card purchases, taxes, lottery, alcoholic beverages, tobacco items, or purchases made with Break Time Bucks or earned Rewards.

You may redeem your points by logging into your MyTime account at or on the Break Time mobile app. Go to “Redeem Points”. You will then have the option to choose from rewards like fuel discounts, merchandise, Break Time Bucks, etc. Add the rewards to your virtual cart and go through the checkout process. Once your “order” is complete, your rewards will be loaded on your card/account and will show up in your Account Balance. You can then use these rewards when visiting Break Time.

Points do not expire. MyTime Rewards accounts with no activity for 12 months will be deactivated and all points and rewards credits will be forfeited. Points will not be exchangeable for cash at any time.

When you have achieved All Time status, instead of earning 20 points for every dollar spent, you will earn 24 points for every dollar spent (20 points x 1.2 = 24). When you achieve Big Time status, instead of earning 20 points for every dollar spent, you will earn 30 points for every dollar spent (20 points x 1.5 = 30).

Break Time Bucks may NOT be used to purchase fuel, tobacco, alcohol, lottery or gift card items.

After merchandise is rung up and method of payment (cash/credit/debit) is indicated, any available Break Time Bucks will be offered. Answer YES to the question on the pinpad and Break Time Bucks will be applied to your purchase. If a customer has a FREE drink reward on their MyTime card and they purchase a drink—the FREE drink MUST be used for the drink. The choice to use Break Time Bucks will not be given. Free drink rewards always take priority over Break Time Bucks.

Each year, on the Sunday before to your birthday, you will receive an email notifying you that your Birthday Reward has been applied to your account.  Your birthday reward will be consistent with your current membership level.

Visit and click on the link to “Account Login” and then click “MyTime Login.”

You can get another card and combine it with the one you already have registered. To get an additional card, go to a Break Time store and pick up another card. Make sure the card gets activated by making a purchase and swiping it on the cash register. Next, log in to your MyTime account and go to the Account Summary page. Right below “Account Summary” click the + sign and enter the NEW card number. You will notice you now have a “2” next to your account number. Once the card has been added, you can combine with your lost card by clicking “Merge Cards” in the Manage Cards section. If you have any questions, simply email [email protected] or call 800.736.7064.

Unfortunately, we cannot credit transactions to your MyTime Rewards card after your visit.  If you do not have your card on a visit to Break Time, you can use the phone number you used when registering your card. Just tell the associate you want to use your phone number.

Absolutely.  Sign in to your account and go to the Account Balance page. Right below “Account Summary” click the + sign and enter the second card number. Once the cards have been merged, you have the option of continuing to use both cards with one merged balance, or you can disable one of the cards. This can be done by logging in to the card you would like to disable, click “Manage Card” and then select disable from the drop-down menu.

ON THE APP–Go to Manage Cards and follow the prompts.

Yes. Follow instructions above to combine/merge cards. MyTime Rewards is intended for individual personal use.

Email [email protected] or call 800.736.7064.

Break Time and MFA Oil Company takes your privacy very seriously. Rest assured we will never rent or sell your email address or information. Click here to read our complete privacy policy.